Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goals revisited

Do you remember the Hot 100 challenge that Steve put on last year?  I actually miss it.  I miss having set goals for myself (other than losing weight) and being able to talk about them on a weekly basis.  Why can't I do this on my own?  Ding ding ding....I can! 

1.  Lose weight every week (DUH) no matter how small it is.  My first goal is 5% of 299.2, which equals 284.3.
2.  Drink more water!
3.  Log my food, every single bite, in the Weight Watchers website.
4.  Use my new best friend (the treadmill) at least 4 days a week. 
5.  Stop the bad snacking after work.

Stop by every Friday if you want to see the progress.  Do you have goals that you would like to set for yourself?


Maggie said...

I have lots of goals I want to set, I just need to get around to actually doing it! Your goals look really good! Can't wait to see the progress :)

Anonymous said...

I WILL be stopping by:) Also I love your new pic...classy lady.

Jennifer said...

You go girl!! I look forward to reading about your success!! You can do it! thanks for the comments on my blog yesterday. They spoke to me because I could totally relate. It took about 40 lbs off my body before I really started to notice a difference in my body. I started around 233 lbs. So...hang in there and once you start really feeling and seeing the difference in you there will be no stopping you. The motivation comes on strong at that point!


Mer and Mo said...

I am doing that this morning - thinking about my goals! Realized last night that I don't set them up as well as I should and doing little things each month add up to so much!! Cheering you on with your May goals.


fatgirlwearingthin said...

This is a great thing! Can't wait to read about your progress. Did you ever name your treadmill? Did I miss it?
My goal is to eventually finish the C25K. I'm trying to complete goals but the going is so incredibly s l o w!

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