My Weight Loss Bucket List

I've let weight run my life; no longer will I sit by and let it happen.  These are goals that I want to accomplish during my weight loss journey.  I have the right to update them, delete them, or change them because I am a woman and change my mind more often than I change my underwear. 

  1. Be able to run with my kids (more than 3 seconds)
  2. Walk into any store and buy clothing
  3. Go sky diving
  4. Be able to really look at myself in a full length mirror
  5. Lose 5% of starting weight = 318.6 - 11/12/10
  6. Take my kids to more sporting events
  7. Buy a cute bathing suit and not be ashamed to wear it
  8. Take care of myself (going to the doctor when needed)
  9. Have more date nights with my hubby
  10. Walk/Run the marathon for Race for the Cure
  11. Look people in the eyes when speaking
  12. Go on a cruise
  13. Fit into a theater seat with both arm rests down = 10/24/10
  14. Enjoy exercise
  15. Buy sexy underwear
  16. To jump on the scale without worrying who will see it
  17. Get a new driver's license picture that I like
  18. Sing karaoke
  19. My boobs should be bigger than my gut!
  20. Have my husband look at me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world
  21. Buy sexy strappy heels and be able to walk in them
  22. Lose 10% of starting weight = 301.8
  23. Wrap a towel around my whole body
  24. Be more self confident not self conscience
  25. Zip up my ankle boots all the way = 11/4/10
  26. Use a normal blood pressure cuff instead of the fat cuff
  27. Take my kiddos to an amusement park and ride the roller coaster
  28. Walk into a restaurant and not worry about if I will break the chairs or not being able to fit in a booth
  29. Be an inspiration to others 
  30. Be able to fit in an airplane seat without the extender
  31. Be proud of myself
  32. Swing without the bars groaning and the seat not digging in my ass or thighs
  33. Lay in a hammock with the fear of it falling
  34. Go to the water park
  35. Wear necklaces without an extender
  36. Wear more short sleeve shirts
  37. Drink water!
  38. Put on clothes without stretching them out first