Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot 100 Update #7

I've had a kick ass week and for the most part it's because I chose to make it that way!  I got out of bed every morning thinking that it was going to be an amazing day.  Sure, I mostly sat at home and did laundry but I still chose to have a good attitude about it.  But with everything in life you can't have a good without a bad.  Call it the glass half-empty syndrome or whatever pessimistic acronym you choose. 

The Good:  Yesterday my mother-in-law and I went shopping (which was an experience in itself).  I found a really cute shirt that I couldn't pass up, so I picked up my 26/28 big girl size and went to the register.  A little known fact is that I hate trying on clothes.  The mirrors, the lights, the disappointment....I'll pass.  With some coaxing from my mother-in-law I decided to try it on.  The shirt looked like a freakin' tent!  I got the next size smaller (22/24) and it fit.  IT FIT WITH EVEN SOME BREATHING ROOM!  As with every accomplishment I have, the booty shaking began with some whoops and hollars. 

The Bad:  I think I have a stress fracture in my foot.  It really has limited my exercise this week.  I've still been using the bands and my yoga ball, but I never feel that is enough.  I enjoyed walking the dog around the neighborhood and that fat hefer needs the exercise too. 


Goal #1 Lose 20 pounds - Weigh in was today and showed 316.6 pounds.  Total lost 18.8 pounds in 9 weeks.  I've also reached my 5% weight loss goal.  Continue booty shaking!

Goal #2 Read more to the kiddos - I read everyday except Monday, but we doubled up on Tuesday night.  So it all evens out, right?  I still claim success.

Goal #3 Exercise for at least 20 minutes 4 times a day - I completed 5 days but I'm not sure if I did 20 minutes everyday.  This foot thing is really bothering me, but I'm trying to the best of my ability.  And that's all I can do. 

I hope you are all booty shaking with your goals this week!


Mrs. D said...

That's awesome!!! I think we get more excited about smaller clothes than numbers on the scale because it's PROOF that our bodies are changing, and we can actually see it for ourselves rather than taking someone elses word for it. I think I'll hang a size smaller pair of jeans on my closet door ;)

Leslie said...

Excellent week, along with the smaller sizes. And I love how you noted that it was a great week because you chose to make it that way. Keep up the good work.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Congrats on the size down!! YAY!! That is such a good feeling. What do you do for a stress fracture, anyway? Do you get x-rays to find out or is it kind of like a broken rib where it just gets wrapped and then you wait it out....Hope you do NOT have anything seriously wrong with your foot - keep us posted!

The Ninja said...

I'm shaking and doing an elain-esque ance around my office. really, it's hilarious. I have surpassed my own goals and while i have done a hot 100 update in a while. I'm doing well, glad to hear you are doing good also.

just a fat girl running said...

Yay for smaller sizes, especially when the come as a surprise! Good for you!

The Fat Mom said...

I'm not sure if they do x-rays for a stress fracture. I've had them before and went to the doctor. They wrapped it, said put ice on it, and stay off of it. How is that remotely possible with 3 boys?

Anonymous said...

Great job for the week! Aren't NSVs great?

So sorry about the foot!

~South Beach Steve

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW, you are entitled to some SERIOUS booty shaking, FM! Congratulations on a ROCKING week! Take good care of that foot, and here's to another total blast of a week!

NAN said...

Yay on the good week and too big top! You'll be in the 200s soon!! One of my clients had a foot stress fracture- not much the doctor did about it except what you just posted- stay off it if you can which you can't. Have a good weekend.

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