Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Testing one two three

With Thanksgiving around the corner I've been taking my favorite recipes and experimenting with low/no fat ingredients.  With my anxiety about all the food, I wanted to try my hardest to make it alittle less stressful.  My favorite dish is called 7-up Salad. 

Ok, it looks like baby vomit but I swear it is the best stuff around!  Growin up, my Mom would make her 7-up Salad for Thanksgiving and Christmas only and as an adult I never really understood why it was a holiday only thing.  Every year my brother and I look forward to this one dish more than the turkey or ham. 
It's the one requirement we have (along with deviled eggs) to make each holiday a success. 

The recipe is very easy - lime jello, a can of 7-up, pineapple, and cream cheese (pecans are optional but I'm not a nut type of person).  I made everything with sugar free or no fat ingredients with a hope and a prayer it would come out edible.  Let's be honest, it wasn't as good as the real stuff.  Now I'm frustrated and craving some REAL 7-up Salad with all it's sugar and fattening ingredients.  I'm doomed.


Anonymous said...

You are not doomed! You're going to do great! I don't think I've ever had 7-up salad, I might have to try it!

Shane G. said...

naaah not doomed. You don't NEED the 7 up salad, it is just a craving and you have control over that. Just got to steel yourself and so no thanks. I am actually excited to defeat my pecan pie demon this year. I am going to have one SMALL piece and that will be it. if it gets left, it goes into the trash! Not having it this year, not so far along in my journey.

Jennifer said...

Maybe do half? Half normal ingredients and half fat free/sugar free? Try it a few different ways until you love it. Oh...and a little tip i found for myself...whipped cream cheese is 2 whole tablespoons for only 60 calories...with all the taste. :)


FatAngryBlog said...

I've never heard of this sort of thing so I have no real advice... but I like the above suggestion of doing it halfsies!

Jess said...

Sitting here reading this with my empty bowl of leftover "snow salad". Same deal in my family... it's only on holidays and is treated as guest of honor among us heavy eaters in the family. My sister and I would set a separate salad bowl for ourselves just for it. All the normal eaters just put a bit on their plate with all the other food.

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