Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dubai or not Dubai....that is the question?

I've decided not to go to Dubai for a year.  The main reason is because my job with the company is not guareenteed when I come back.  I can't afford to be without a job for another 3 years.  Sure I will be making major bucks if I went to Dubai, but that wouldn't support us if I couldn't find a job for awhile. 

If they ever tell me that my job will be waiting when I ass will be on the next flight out!


FatAngryBlog said...

I think you made a wise decision :>

Grace. said...

Your a smart cookie, I am sure you've made the right choice! BTW I wanted to tell you have pretty you look in the side picture with the pink shirt!

Mer and Mo said...

Thanks for the update - sure it was a hard decision, but when you have the risk of not keeping your job, that plays a huge factor. Hope you are still rocking it out and your treadmill is still your friend. Think of you from time to time and always good to hear from you!!

Staying MOtivated MO

fatgirlwearingthin said...

THANK YOU for this update. I've been waiting on pins and needles to see if you were going to be blogging one day and say, 'Guess where I AM??' I think you made a good decision, too. Nothing wrong with being responsible :)

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