Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of school

The kids were excited to go back to school.  They are still at the age where school is fun so we don't have to deal with the grumpiness yet.  It's the days of recess, friends, computer time, coloring and crafts with some learning thrown in.  OK, so they really do A LOT of learning but they think it's still fun. 

Last week we attended the Open House and met the teachers.  It is always nice to be able to speak to them before school to explain your child's strengths, weaknesses, and what they are challenged with.  The kids don't have to go in blind and the teacher's already have an idea of their learning styles.

I can't believe my kiddos are in 3rd and 2nd grade!  And yes, I still tear up when we drop them off on their first day of school.  I'm a sap!  Below are some of the obligatory pictures we take on the first day of school.  Time has flown by. 

Look....I'm not standing BEHIND my kids.

My Oldest

My Youngest


Mer and Mo said...

First days of school are such fun!! (what is the update on your Mom?)


Anonymous said...

I like that they are not wriggling out of an arm hug. Too young for that too. What a blessing.

The Ninja said...

I am both excited and terrified to do this with Pumpkin next year. The boys look happy, and you do too!

Mrs. D said...

Ummm... check out the hot skinny mama!

Mine just started third grade, and he was a little bummed once he realized how much different third will be! Hope your boys have a smooth year!

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