Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goals I've Set - Part 1

After my recent post about setting goals, I decided to write a list of things that I hope to accomplish with losing weight. Maybe it should be considered more like a bucket list.

1.Be able to run with my kids - My youngest son, Jacob, asked me to race with him the other day. I ran maybe 30 seconds and stopped. In just that short amount of time, I was panting and sore. So sad!

2.Walk into any store and buy clothing - I don't want to be required to shop at the fat lady store anymore. I want to go to the mall, go into any store, and be able to find something that fits.

3.Go sky diving - There is a weight limit for tandem sky diving. This is probably something that will happen towards the end of my weight loss journey.

4.Be able to really look at myself in a mirror - Do you find that you only look at yourself from the chest up? Forget a full length mirror. And forget REALLY looking at yourself. You look in it long enough to make sure your hair is ok and there is no spinach in your teeth.

5.Take my kids to more sporting events - My butt/thighs are so wide that those little chairs are not comfortable. I have a miserable time because I feel that people are laughing at the fat mom who can't fit in the seat. Therefore we just don't go to spare myself the humiliation.


Anonymous said...

I think these are great goals! Welcome aboard the Hot 100!

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