Monday, September 27, 2010

Will the feelings go away if I eat a gallon of ice cream?

We are one of many families in America feeling the stress of the economy.  I've been unemployed for several months, and consistently looking for a job.  We are a 5 person family and barely staying afloat.  Honestly, there are some months that I don't know how we are going to make it (but somehow we do). 

2 weeks ago I went on an interview where I rocked it!  The manager was impressed with my resume, and said that I had all the qualifications that they were looking for.  I walked out of there confident that they would call me back with a job offer.  Today I received the call and what was pure confidence in myself a week ago has turned into pure depression within seconds of hearing they hired someone else for the position.  I am heartbroken. 

What I really want to do is go into the kitchen and stuff my face, but in the end what will it solve?  Will the manager call me back and change his mind?  Will a job just happen to fall in my lap?  Will the struggles our family have endured magically disappear?  Will the feelings go away by eating a gallon of ice cream? 

Instead of raiding my kitchen for a bingefest, I'm making a conscience effort to do something else.  At this moment, I'm choosing not to turn to food for comfort.  I'm choosing to look at the end result of my weight loss matter how hard it is.


CathyB said...

Melissa- good for you!! You came to your blog instead of the freezer. Ice cream is a huge comfort food/anytime food/obsession for me. I am so sorry that you weren't offered the job. I think they just missed their opportunity to hire a great girl. Their loss. And all that stuff. I know it doesn't make it easier for you, and it doesn't feed your boys or pay your bills. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you. I truly hope that you'll get a break soon, and will be back to work. In the meantime YAY FOR YOU for not turning to the ice cream for validation or comfort. Because you KNOW that once you were finished, not only would you feel crappy about the situation, but you'd beat yourself up for going freezer-diving. So now, you can help chase away the blues by celebrating your victory over the ice cream!!!!

Trish said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job. That's a bummer. :(

It is totally awesome though that you aren't drowning your sorrows in food! It's that kind of thinking that's going to get you skinny, girl!

BTW, your 3 little guys are soo cute. That picture in your sidebar makes me smile.

Michelle said...

You go girl! Thats the way to go, not looking to food for comfort. Hang in there things will get better.

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