Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Postcards from the past

2 years ago I created this post card for Post Secret.  2 years later I'm still sabatoging my own weight loss.  Very very sad.


Leslie said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting yesterday. I got a good laugh at your question of whether I forgot the diet coke on donut day 2! The answer is I didn't even think of diet coke that day - it was a donut mission. UGH!

I love the look of your blog and am going to follow you. I know you can be successful, and you'll find amazing support and inspiration in the blog community. Love your pictures of you and hubby, and your boys. It's too cute that just under their picture is the word "Followers"! I have 2 boys (now 22 and 23) and they always had buzz cuts when they were little!

The post card above is eerily true - and self read the donut saga! I'm still working on it and always will.

Trish said...

The skinny girl is going to be just like you, only happier!

Sending prayers and hugs your way. I know how hard it is.

(I love Post Secret too!)

Michelle said...

I agree with Trish. Your going to be you and very happy but skinnier!

Anonymous said...

Follower #11 here...You know what? I get it! I do.

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