Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food, food, and more food

This weekend we celebrated a first birthday for my cousin's little boy, Regan.  It seems like only moments ago that we were waiting impatiently for his birth.  I was lucky enough to see him being brought into the world and I will never forget the overwhelming emotion I felt when I saw his little face.  He is my little chunky monkey and I love him to pieces!

Regan learning how to walk

With our family, every great party involves ALOT of awesome food.  I offered to make a couple of side dishes that would be low-fat.  Mainly so I would also be able to enjoy some of the food items and not feel guilty as hell.  I prepared myself and took a good lunch that I would be able to eat later and I was drinking a ton of water (almost 14 glasses!).  Unfortunately all my plans fell through and I stuffed my face all day long! 

I woke up this morning feeling like total shit about myself.  How could I do that after all the hard work I've done?  How could I fall back into old habits and eat until I couldn't move?  Today I feel a big blob of mush and extremely lazy.  It's amazing how much food can alter your life, mood, and emotions.  Why is food such a big deal?  I once read "First it's food, then it's poop".  So what's the big deal?


Bob said...

So you fell off the wagon today. Just get right back on it and focus. You can do this and you will do better. It is so hard to keep new habits going and sometimes we all do fall off. But the secret to success is to get right back on and kepp it going. Good lock and I will be following your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You can do this! I lost exactly 50 pounds, gained back 25 and am now working to lose that 25 and more. Its a huge struggle but we can do this!

Trish said...

I understand...I have a hard time with special occasions, (and just plain old weekends.)

Today's a new day!

Mrs. D said...

Hello, I just found your blog! I've also been on WW the past few months. I can absolutely relate to this post!! My family cannot do anything without food being at the center of it, and my mother is a Southern cook at heart (Paula Deen is her idol..). I'm learning to do the same thing- bring my own sides, or even pack a lunch tote full of things I can eat just in case every other choice is fried in bacon grease.. Sometimes even being armed with my own snacks doesn't help. Bad habits are hard to break, but we can do it!!! Small successes add up!

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