Friday, October 22, 2010


Is it only me that has a weird fascination with Polygamy?  I watched Sister Wives on TLC every weekend;  it was like crack and I was buying it.  Let me clarify, I'm not interested or agree with the huge compound, child molestation, abusive polygamy.

My question is why do you see one man with 50 wives the majority of the time?  Why isn't it acceptable for one woman to have 50 husbands?  I asked the hubby if we could bring in another husband (for myself only).  He wasn't keen on the idea.

Pros of having multiple husbands in this family: 
#1 - The honey-do list could be divided.  The kids bathroom has been unfinished for over a year now.  If I had 10 husbands it would be done within one weekend!  The cabinets that are falling apart in the kitchen would be repaired. 
#2 - We wouldn't have 10 million kids running around the house like a "normal" polygamy relationship.
#3 - Chores could be split among husbands.  Dinner would be cooked by the time I get home.  Laundry would be folded and put in closets.  The house would be spic and span.  I wouldn't have to lift a finger.
#4 - I would have several men wanting ME and hanging on every word. 

Cons of having multiple wives in this family:
#1 - I'm a straight up jealous biotch!  Don't be looking at the hubs and certainly don't touch his junk.  I will cut you. 
#2 - Too many woman and there is bound to be a cat fight!  Wait, maybe add some mud and it would be entertainment?
#3 - Who wants to deal with 10 bitchy women?  I would think one man would go insane!
#4 - PMS......need I say more?

Hands down.....I win!


Jennifer said...

hahahahaha. Funny post. I saw this on TV just the other night. There seemed to be quite a bit of catty-ness amongst the women. Which makes sense.


Orwellchick said...

I watched that show and was like, "what?". Still I watched it because I'm addicted to reality television. Not into sharing at all. Cody seemed so clueless.

Amy said...

Or you could stay home and have a bunch of working men - think of all the money!!! Well, some could stay home, some could go work...

jennifer said...

I'm with ya. I love Sister Wives! I couldn't do it, but I definitely see the benefits of having a big family and more help. I'm not sure why it could never be the other way around--perhaps because men are too egotistical to ever deal with the fact that they aren't "enough" for their wife? Hmm.

Jayne Doe said...

This is hilarious as I had the same discussion with Hubs as to it making more sense for one wife to have multiple husbands!

I read your theatre post first (congrats on the arm btw - I know all about that issue!)

fatgirlwearingthin said...

love, LOVE this post! You may be on to something here! Especially the part about the chores being divided. Ahhh....the thought of it. The photos are fantastic, too. Really enjoying your writing style :)

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