Monday, October 11, 2010

It's all about me!

I am a self proclaimed people pleaser.  Friends, family, and strangers alike come before myself and that means that my feelings are normally compromised.  Why do I do this to myself?  Why is my self worth determined by the deeds I do for others?  Will I be less of a person by taking care of myself?

In life you rarely have AHA moments, but today it finally clicked.  Today I realized that I want to be selfish.  I want it to be all about me!  I'm tired of trying to please everyone else and putting myself on the back burner.  But am I worth it? 


The Ninja said...

Yes, you are... and don't ever doubt it.

Trish said...

You are sooo worth it! And the wonderful thing is, by learning to love ourselves, we'll have even more love to give! Weight does not define who we are. You're a beautiful lady with a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

That is an important realisation, I'm the same. We do generate our happiness from pleasing others but sometimes we don't put our feelings first when we need to because we think that being selfish is 'bad'.

Also we can use our generosity as a weapon to feel like a victim, "oh I've done so much for this person how could they treat me this way."

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the people love want us to be happy as much as us them and so we should be selfish for their sake as well as ours.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are worth it. It took me a long time to realize that about myself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you ARE worth it! You are worth being healthy and happy, just as much as anyone else is. And, when you take the time to care for yourself, then everyone around you benefits from it too. :)

Twix said...

You are worth it!! :D

I've had to learn to be a little selfish. But I think what helps is that I'm being selfish not just for me but for them. Because hopefully in the end they will have had their mom around a lot longer!

Have a Happy Tuesday!!

Michelle said...

Of course your worth it!!

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