Friday, October 8, 2010

Hot 100 Update #2

This week wasn't the greatest and honestly I'm ashamed to post my updates.  Oh well, here we go!

1.  Lose 20 pounds - If you read my weigh in post earlier this morning you know that I'm not really on track.  I'm not disappointed.  I'm looking at the bigger picture!

2.  Read more to the kiddos - I failed miserably at this goal.

3.  Buy "melt your face off" sexy undies - I'm going to bite the bullet and change this goal.  It isn't really keeping me accountable during the week.  I will keep it as a long term goal for myself.

4.  New goal Exercise 4 days a week for at least 20 minutes - I did 5 days this week!  Woo Hoo!


Trish said...

That is great that you got exercise in 5 days this week!

Brigitte said...

There will always be weeks like this one. It's how you move forward that matters. You can totally do this! Just keep counting those points and exercising! Hugs!

Michelle said...

At least you got the exercise part down, thats great! You'll get the older two no worries!

Anonymous said...

First off, knowing when it is time to remove a goal, especially if it isn't motivating you, is real progress.

Don't let a down week get you down. I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes our disappointment in ourselves causes us to continue having bad days. Tomorrow is a new day, make it the absolute best day you can!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for leaving some encouragement on my blog. I look forward to following you and I wish you MUCH success! :)

Brittany said...

Thank you for giving me much encouragement through your good work towards your goals. I definitely need that encouragement today and this week!

Polar's Mom said...

Wow, great work on your exercise!!!

Polar's Mom

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