Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Swap

Margene was an awesome swap partner and I truly hope that we will remain friends after this experience.  I feel bad that I didn't update daily, but I hope she gives me a pass.  Can I give you a doctor's note? 

So, here is what I received from my new friend.  (In no particular order since I ended up not opening them on the correct day anyways.  Call me slow, whatever).  By the way, I love polka dots and she certainly gave in to my fetish.  Thank you! 

1.  Merry Christmas block set

2.  An awesome apron

3.  Pumpkin spice candle - that makes me hungry!

4.  Pink spoon with cookie cutters
(we used the cookie cutters to make Santa cookies)

5.  A hodge podge of goodies - love the pink soft ball!

6.  Yardley bath products that smell oh so good!

7.  A polka dotted bag with goodies

8.  Journal/book with pens

9.  Another polka dotted bag with goodies
(I love all the goodies)

10.  Polka dotted water bottle with Crystal Light

11.  Polka dotted Christmas socks
(that I proudly wore on Christmas Eve)

12.  Nativity figurines with ornament (not pictured)


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wow... there were a lot of polka dots in there! I like 'em too, that's why I must have kept finding them! That was a fun swap. We will have to do this again next year!! :)

Happy New Year! Let's rock 2011!!


Anonymous said...

WOW ... look at all that cool stuff! I'm jealous. :) I especially love those socks. ;)

The Ninja said...

That looks like fun. I want to join next year! You ready for the new year?

The Fat Mom said...

I am definetely ready for the new year!

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