Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are you effin' kidding me!

Today has been one of THOSE days where I just need to vent!  I came home from lunch to find the brand new 105 load liquid laundry detergent busted all over the washer.  Good news: it did not spill all over the floor.  Bad news: all of the laundry detergent landed inside a newly washed load of clothes. 

I tried to turn the rinse cycle on, but it only made things worse.  What did I end up doing?  I pulled every single item of clothing and hand washed them in the kitchen sink.  Think about the old days with a washing board and tub.  Damn whoever made sweats!  That shit soaked up every single drop of detergent.  By the time I was done with the entire load I was a freakin' sweaty hot mess. 

If this wasn't enough to deal with, hubby continues to ask when dinner will be ready.  Ummmm, whenever it's ready that's when (it's still 5:30 geez)!  Then youngest decides that it's ok to hold the dog down and kick her.  I lost it! 

The rest of the Halloween candy is tempting.  A couple of margaritas sound delicious.  Cookie dough is calling my name.  But instead of turning to food, I'm whining about my day.  Sulking is free in calories!


Shane G. said...

Wow that is a bad day. I just can't imagine to be honest. Hope it has gotten better since you typed this. Way to go on finding a different outlet too!! That is cause enough to celebrate!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

You've got that right. It's too bad we don't lose extra pounds for each curse word, because I sure said a LOT of them today - my hormones are NOT my friends. Glad you didn't reach for the cookie dough but good lord, you could have and it would have been warranted after that kind of day!

Mrs. D said...

My washer flooded the apt below us last night- I am so right there with you! I say we run away for a few days- probably saferdor all our boys LOL!!

Anonymous said...

sulking is free of calories - LOL!!! LOVE IT!

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