Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fat people love buffets

How can a fat person not love buffets?  Plate after plate of all the food you can stuff into your face is a dream!  Well, it's no longer heaven for me.  Everytime I walk into a buffet I feel as though I'm walking through hell.  For someone who obviously has food issues, it's difficult.  It's difficult not to revert into my old ways and pile food on my plate that shouldn't even touch my lips. 

Hubby loves the local Chinese buffet because it has all you can eat sushi.  I compromise and indulge his cravings because I'm such a great wife (ha).  Yesterday was one of those times.  I prepared myself as we are walking into the restaurant.  "Don't eat till you can't move. Don't pile your plate full of junk.  Don't eat 50 million plates of food.  Pick veggies over fried crap.  You can do this  You can totally do this!"

When I walked back to my table I was happy and so extremely proud of myself.  While hubby was loading his plate full of sushi I took a picture as proof.  Proof that I can overcome the dangers of a buffet.  Proof that I am slowly changing the ways I look at food.

My plate consisted of veggies with a small amount of black pepper chicken (which was delicious).  And for dessert?  Watermelon and cantaloupe.  No picture was taken because hubby was looking at me like I was crazy.  Who takes pictures of their food?  I was satisfied without being stuffed.  I felt like I was in control the entire time, and it felt amazing! 


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome! Those buffets can be killers for our resistance. Way to go for you girl! And I am always taking pictures of my food... even in restaurants. Maybe I'm a nut too!! :)


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm SO proud of you for taking control. Buffets are the Devil in disguise, aren't they? I have to stay clear of them too.

Mrs. D said...

OMG I am so proud of you!!! Buffets are dangerous!! I don't see any way you could have done better than you did! Doesn't that make you feel powerful?? Like taking over the world, one buffet at a time powerful?!

I'm definitely a nut too! ;)

Kimberly said...

Buffets are a dieter's worst freaking nightmare, along with pot lucks. My plan for dealing is to make an assessment of each thing I put on my plate before I even pick up the spoon or whatnot. It helps. Planning for success, ensures it.

Great job. Chinese buffets have to be the worst of the bunch and you did fantastic!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

That is the kind of decision-making only a STRONG woman can do. Seriously. I was in Vegas a couple of years ago and went to a buffet that had 12 feet of desserts - TWELVE FEET! Every rational thought went right out of my head - you'd have thought I'd won the lottery (I had dessert for dinner). Needless to say, buffets are NOT for me. Proud of you!!

Steph said...

That is great! Buffets can be challenging! Keep up the great work!!!!

Jane said...

Wow! You did good! I have a love/hate relationship with buffets. I love all the great food, but I hate it when I overindulge because I can't handle the temptation. Good work--staying on track!

Karla said...

I can't remember the last time I went to a buffet!!

I do!! I am the picture taking fiend

NAN said...

Good for you! I just tell myself that money can be used in so many different ways and avoid eating out. Our local Pizza Hut used to have a very cheap lunch buffet (especially if you ordered water LOL) but it stopped doing that. Have you bought or found any new or gently used clothing yet?

Roxie said...

Good for you! Way to be in control! I haven't been to a buffet in who knows how long, but when I do, hopefully I'll be as strong as you.

Thanks for stopping by our blog!


Kellie said...

I think it's awesome that you were able to control your urges and make great choices at the buffet!

I actually try to load up on healthy sushi at a Chinese buffet or do as you did and grab the veggies and white rice (instead of fried).

You are fabulous! I am very happy that I found your blog. :)


The Ninja said...

I -hate- buffets!!! I only go at lunchtime now because I limit myself to one plate and paying through the nose for a plate of veggies irritates me. Good job on the veggies and it doesn't matter if the hubs looks at you crazy, mine does it all the time.

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